Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Gave away a couple more stuffed animals to some adorable kids lately. It's a lot of fun.

One little boy was getting on every day with his mom. Every day he had some kind of snack. "I got Cheetos!" was how he greeted me one day. It was funny how he would repeat anything you said to him. I said "You're so adorable!" and he said it right back to me. It was hilarious, considering he probably had NO idea what he was saying. I brought him a stuffed zebra from the movie Madagascar. He thought that was pretty neat. They got off at the last stop at Uptown Transit Station every day. One day he decided to play around and when the back door closed before he got out he panicked. He started screaming bloody murder. I was trying not to laugh and trying to get him to come and go out the open front door. His mom was standing helplessly outside the back door looking at him. Then his older sister, who was with them that day, FINALLY came in the front door and took him out the back. By this time, he was so traumatized he was just wailing. He'll probably have nightmares about getting stuck on a bus for the rest of his life.

I also had the little boy that I had given the Batman doll to months ago get on my bus. The lady that is always with him (I don't know if she's his mom or a caregiver. He is mentally retarded and seems to also be hyperactive at times) informed me that Batman died. She said she had sewn him up as many times as she could but finally had to give up. The little boy had kept ripping his arms off. When he used to play with the doll on the bus, he would swing it around and bang it into things so I knew it wouldn't last long. I told her I was just glad a kid got some fun out of it. Otherwise, it would just sit on my dresser and that would be a waste. The kid had a new animal he was carrying around...a giraffe. I'm sure it will have a short lifespan too! Oh well, at least he is having fun!

Recently, I won a Pink Panther and an orange M&M with hands and feet. They are still on my dresser. I'm sure some little kids on my bus in the near future will be taking them home!


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