Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'M BACK!!!!!!!

I'm back driving the bus. Sorry for the gap in blogs, but my father is doing better. He's still in the hospital but is out of critical care so we are hoping for the best.

My first day back was New Years Day. I ended up on call...I really hate being on call. You have to sit around in the drivers room and hope something comes up. It's boring. I was lucky, though. I got a couple hours on the Lake street route 21. It was great to be back on the bus. As the 21 goes, it was pretty uneventful.

Tuesday I had my first REAL day back. I had 10 hours on route 17. I picked up this lady that was WAY drunk. She paid her fare and sat down right behind me. Across the aisle from her was a lady and her daughter, who was about 3 years old. The drunk lady kept cussing and I asked her a couple times to stop. A guy suggested I call the cops. I had already pushed the button but they were taking quite a while to get back to me. After the next string of profanities, I pulled the bus over and told her I had had enough. This was her stop. She could not continue on my bus with that language in front of the child and all the other passengers. She gathered her bags and proceeded to the front door. There she stopped to cuss me out some more. She had been talking about her son who she claimed was in the service over in Iraq. I was SOOOOOOO tempted to say that was great that she had a son she could be proud of but it was too bad he had a mother that he probably wasn't proud of....but I kept it to myself.

She stood there and continued to cuss me out and I almost snapped. I got my pepper spray out and shook it up saying "You're about to have a different kind of drink in a minute". Then I got my senses back and realized that spraying her would have been out of anger and not for self defense, as she hadn't swung on me yet. I put a little bass in my voice and repeated "get off the bus!" She finally got off the last step. As I went to close the door she cussed one last time and then spit. She didn't have any power behind it, so all she spit on was the door...if anything. I'm just glad she didn't decide to spit earlier when she was at the top of the stairs! Then I would have sprayed her!!

About half a dozen people praised my actions in getting her off the bus as they got off the bus. One guy kept saying "That was amazing!...What were you going to do?...You're AMAZING!" It was pretty funny. He was so impressed.

This week I have the 18 and 11 routes...should be fun!


Anonymous James said...


Hey sis...glad to have you back!!! Sounds like things got back to normal pretty quick. Thanks again for the hospitality and VIP shuttle to the airport...see you in June unless you need to hit the beach earlier.

Your favorite bro JO

6:11 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Would LOVE to stay at the condo and stare out at the gulf. Would like to see the new updates too. Unfortunatly, need to save for the slab I need to put in the back yard and other household stuff so won't be able to swing it any time soon...I DO have a powerball ticket. There's a 1 in 140million chance I could be there sooner!!

3:50 PM  

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