Thursday, December 14, 2006


Okay, I realize not everyone is lucky enough to have a mother like mine. She taught me to have manners and respect for your elders...And if you run with a pencil you can fall and poke your eye out with it. I am constantly amazed at the lack of manners and respect people show on the bus.

Just yesterday there was a lady sitting in the peanut seat (for those of you new to this site, that is the side facing seat right next to the front door of the bus). She seemed to be coming down with a cold or something and would cough occasionally. Fine...But PLEASE COVER YOUR MOUTH!! I would glare at her every time she did it hoping she'd get the clue, but she never did. I have told people to please cover their mouths. One lady that comes to mind sounded like she was about to hack up a lung and she kept coughing continuously. Finally, I asked her to please cover her mouth because I couldn't afford to be getting sick. She smiled and complied.

Another thing that drives me nuts is young people who don't give their seats to the elderly and/or handicapped. That is the ultimate in selfishness. Recently, I had an old man get on who used a cane and it looked painful for him to take each step. He refused my offer to put the lift out for him. He smiled and said "Oh no...Not until I really NEED it!" He was adorable. He got on the bus and paid his fare. I waited as he turned to find a seat. Most of the front seats were taken by younger people and they sat and looked at him as he stood there and looked around. I looked one young man in the eye and said "Would someone please give this gentleman a seat?" He looked at me kind of pissy and moved. VERY nicely, I said "thank you" and the old man sat down.

Where are peoples' manners????


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