Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Well, we made it...Front page of the newspaper today. Too bad it's for something ridiculous!!

Some of our buses and light rail trains are what I call shrink wrapped with advertising. Seems one driver...Out of my own garage...Is offended by one of the ads and refused to drive any bus with the ad on it. That isn't even the worst part...The worst part is the company actually made a list of which buses have that ad and have told the dispatchers not to assign any of those buses to this person!!!! Now THAT is ridiculous!!!

OK, the driver claims the ad, which is for a gay magazine, is against her religious beliefs. So what?? I think the public KNOWS that just because we drive the bus we don't necessarily agree with the ads on them. We are paid to drive the bus...Period. So, what if this driver gets an actual gay PERSON on the bus?? Does she have the right to refuse him/her a ride because her beliefs are different??? That's bullshit. Besides, if you are in a religion that teaches intolerance, maybe you really need to check yourself....Maybe find a new church. Just because I'm not gay, that does not give me the right to say those that are are wrong.

I thought it was bad enough with the stories in the news here lately that the Muslim cab drivers were refusing service to A) Anyone carrying liquor or coming from/going to a liquor store B) blind people with service dogs (I guess in their culture, dogs are considered unclean) and C) a transgender passenger. GET REAL!!!!!! You are in a job, as I am, that is to serve the PUBLIC!!!! If your religion is getting in the way then you need to find a job where you can pick and chose who you deal with.



Anonymous elianara said...

I have worked in a service oriented job too, and I have to agree with you. You serve the public, and you should leave you beliefs at home, you can't pick and chose.

But that was first page news? Oh dear...

7:34 AM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Thanks to pressure from the Union, other drivers and the general public, the company admitted they were wrong to allow this driver not to drive the buses with this advertising. She was told that she will have to drive whatever bus she is assigned.

FINALLY!! Some common sense!

11:18 AM  

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