Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Last week I had a guy get on my bus that was WAY drunk. As usual, he sat in the peanut seat. He asked me if I went to the skyway. ??????? I told him I didn't know what he was talking about. Then he asked if I went down 24th street. I told him I went down 25th street. Then he asked if I went down Franklin and I told him I did.

Having NO idea where he really wanted to go, I just tried to ignore him and the nasty smell that was taking over the entire front of the bus. He smelled like old booze and cigarettes. By the time I got to the last stop on Franklin, I looked and he was passed out. There was drool all over his mouth. One string of drool actually went all the way from the corner of his mouth down his chin and hung all the way to his shirt on his chest. It was really gross. I decided there was NO WAY he was going to be with me on my layover downtown so I yelled "HEY! Didn't you want Franklin?" I got no response. I yelled it again, still no response. I tried my loud ear piercing whistle and still got no response. Not from him, anyway. Some guy in the middle of the bus said "Damn! He's really knocked out!"

I continued on my route and called the Control Center to have the police remove him from my bus. They met me at the parking ramp downtown where I have my layover. I hate when they do that. Especially when they let them go and then they are milling around by you...Usually mad that you called the cops on them.

I saw the cops and pulled over by them. I opened the door and pointed at Sleeping Drooly. I said "He's all yours...And I won't even charge you for him!" Three cops got on and tried to wake him up verbally. That wasn't happening. Then one pinched his arm. That got him to come around a little. They told him to get off the bus. He looked at them like he was dazed. They tried to help him up and he fussed "Wait a minute I gotta get my stuff." One cop showed him that he had his coat and told him to c'mon. The drunk pointed at my stuff behind my seat and said he had to get "his" stuff. I told him anything behind my seat belonged to me. He continued to fuss about "his" stuff and tried to move towards my stuff. The cops were trying to turn him toward the stairs but he was determined to take my stuff with him. One cop got out the Tazer gun and removed the cap so it was ready to fire. All I could think of was this 250 pound stinky drooling drunk flopping into my lap if they shot him. I raised my voice and again told him "That stuff is mine. The officer has your coat and that's all you got on the bus with." It seemed to work...What a wuss. The cops got him down the stairs and I was free to go around to my layover spot and air out the bus.

I am so glad we have our own police department!! What would have happened if they weren't there? I probably would have had a physical altercation if I had to wake him up myself. The only other choice would have been to keep him on my bus with me and ride him around until he woke up. I don't think my nose could have taken that! I'd just like to say thanks to the Officers...They do great work!


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