Sunday, August 27, 2006


The other day on the 6 line a lady got on with her son. He was about 5-6 years old. Quite a character. They were the last ones on the bus and the lady seemed to like to keep talking to me and the little boy would try and cut in and include himself in our conversation. He was a smart little kid...He was doing a great job keeping up with our conversation.

I got to the end of the route and they were still on the bus. They actually had wanted to take one in the other direction to go to their apartment. They had to wait while I had about a 15 minute layover. I ran in to a restaurant to use the bathroom and play the claw machine. I won a stuffed alien...Strange looking thing. Coincidentally, I won a stuffed animal that I felt was more appropriate for a little boy than a little girl.

As I came out, the little boy couldn't take his eyes off the alien. He said I was really lucky and that he never wins out of the machines. As I started to drive, I already knew the little boy was going to be going home with a new pet alien. I asked him if he had a pet at home. He said he used to. His mom finished the story. She told me she is hearing impaired and the landlord made her get rid of her service dog. Apparently, it wasn't one you have to pay thousands of dollars for so it wasn't officially a service dog. She got the dog and was training it herself to do the things she needed it to do, like alert her when someone was at the door or if the phone was ringing.

That just seemed so wrong to me. To top it off, she said the landlord had a dog himself!! Selfish people suck!

Anyway, as they were getting off the bus, I told the little boy I thought he should have a pet. I showed him the tag on the alien and told him it said "pet alien". I asked him if he ever had a pet alien before. You could see the excitement and anticipation in his eyes as he said "no". I told him he should have THIS pet alien. Take him home and give him a name. The little boy took the alien and his eyes couldn't have gotten any brighter. He was speechless but, as I started to close the door to drive away I heard him say "Thank you!".

He made my day.


Anonymous elianara said...

:D Lovely story, and what a nice little boy.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

I love the kids. The little ones...before they start cussing and acting stupid. They are so interested in everything and eager to learn when they are younger. They are fun. Sometimes I think I should have been a first grade teacher.

9:21 PM  

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