Friday, August 11, 2006


Even though I drive the city bus full time, It is still interesting to me to hear stories about what happens on the bus. It is amazing what people do, Even when they know there are cameras recording them.

If you are a bus rider, I welcome you to sign on to the comment section and tell any interesting things you have seen or heard on the bus. Give everyone a little background detail like how large or small the area is (population) where this happened, Were you involved in the situation and how things turned out (if you know)....stuff like that.

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous James said...

This is Jeanne's brother. Kind of ironic that my sister is a bus driver and I've rarely been on a city bus. Now airport shuttle busses are another thing. I think I've been on one of those in almost every major city in the US and a few foreign countries.

My funniest bus story involves a shuttle bus in Amsterdam Holland, and it didn't actually involve me, but a person who was meeting me there for a business trip. The person (also coincidentally from Minneapolis) got on the shuttle bus at the airport in Amsterdam and asked where the Amsterdam Hilton was.

The driver said..."you mean the Airport Hilton?"


Look out the's about 50 yards in that direction. was funny at the time...guess you had to be there.

See ya soon Jeanne!

Bro JO

11:35 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

So...did he let him off on the airport runway or what???

Yep, you are WAY overdue to ride my bus. Lilia would love it. Too bad you aren't going to be here on could ride down to the Nicollet Mall downtown and check out the farmers market. You'd have to say "hi" to the Cheesehead from Wisconsin guesses it...CHEESE! He's on the corner of Nicollet and 6th street. Sometimes he actually wears his cheesehead hat. If not, It is always sitting next to him! He's a nice guy...even delivered curds to me on the bus one time when I was waiting for the red light. I'm kind of a "regular" customer.

See you soon!

11:42 PM  

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