Friday, July 28, 2006


I was driving route 23 through south Minneapolis last night. Usually this is one of the mellower routes. Not a lot of issues.

I was going down 38th street and there is one corner near 22nd avenue or Standish that there is always a bunch of kids playing on. As I approached, sure enough, there they were. There were about a half dozen kids from about 4-12 years old. One adorable little boy about 3 feet tall was standing in the bus stop like he wanted to catch the bus. He couldn't have been more than 4 years old. I thought it was kind of funny, his little game to be pretending to be waiting for the bus. I slowed down a little (little kids that close to the street make me a little nervous) and I waved at him. As I passed, I was surprised to hear rocks hit the side of the bus!! Actually, it was more like pebbles...They weren't big ROCKS. I just kept going...Not believing that cute little kid had done that. Then a lady on the bus said "You should call the police."

I thought about it a second and decided she was right...Get 'em while they are young. I called it in and let them know there was no damage or anything. I just thought that the cops should talk to that little boy before he got older and was throwing bricks. They agreed and said they would send officers to talk to the kids. When I hung up with the Control Center, the lady that urged me to call in the first place said "You probably just saved that kid from a life of crime."

I thought THAT might be pushing it, but felt I had done the right thing...For the kid. As I passed that spot the rest of the night it was strangely quiet. NONE of the kids were out. Hope they didn't get in TOO much trouble...Just enough to teach them a little about right and wrong.

Bet you didn't know bus drivers could be so educational!


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