Tuesday, July 11, 2006


There are a couple things I've noticed lately that drive me nuts as I am driving my multi-ton dangerous bus.

Why do parents insist on putting their kids into their car seats while standing in the street???? This is VERY dangerous to not only the no-mind parent but the innocent child. Why not put them in the passenger side? This would make it easier to look over your shoulder and see them rather than trying to see directly behind you. If you have them in the rear-facing seat like they are supposed to be, it would make it easier to see their faces. You can see if they are happy, sleeping or turning blue from something they put into their mouths!! It just makes more sense...Stay out of the street with your baby!!

Bikes...Hate 'em. (except mine, of course). Specifically, I hate bikes on Nicollet Mall. If you are local let me be the first to inform you that bikes are not supposed to be on the Mall weekdays from 6AM-6PM. If you think I made that up, check out the signs that are posted in EVERY block on the Mall!! It is extremely dangerous. They are small and fast and hard for bus drivers to see as they dart in and out of traffic. STAY OFF THE MALL!!

Okay, I know a couple usually means two. But I have one more thing that I just have to mention...Please??

Why do so many people turn right in front of a bus?? Don't want to wait a minute for people to board? How about the amount of time it will take until you get out of the hospital once you get hit by the bus you just HAD to get around? Don't be stupid...Wait your turn...Or be a hood ornament. The choice is yours...And the life you save may be your own!!


Anonymous reaper said...

I love this blog. Its one of those everyday life blogs that is actually interesting. I am going to link to one of your posts for my "Friday Links" on my blog. I am also going to link your blog on mine. Stop by a give it a read, nothing much on it now so go to the info section and check the "Retro Reaper" post to find my better posts.



9:12 PM  
Anonymous reaper said...

oh, about your post for how people are finding this site.......

This is one of the wonders of the internet.........

1. The google ad on my blog has a link to a site called "raw confessions".

2. I go there and find your one of your posts.

3. You had a link to your blog there, so I click it.

4. I read your post with the car seats.

5.Go back to raw confessions and find another of your posts with, TA DA, a rant about car seats!

How the hell do I always find great blogs in the oddest ways?

9:26 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Welcome!! Glad you not only found my site but LIKE it! :)

I'll have to check yours out when I get a chance...probably after I put a blog on today.

Thanks for your comments. Hope to see you back here soon!

2:34 PM  

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