Sunday, July 02, 2006


Heard a funny story from a fellow bus driver. Thought I'd share it.

All the buses have bike racks on the front of them for an added convenience to the bike riders/commuters. One day some kid rushed up to a coworkers bus and put his bike on the front. He got in and sat down. Apparently, he forgot to pay his fare so the driver asked him to come up and do so. The kid had a real attitude problem and told the driver to "just drive the bus" and made no attempt to pay a fare. Personally, it grates on my nerves to have someone tell me to "just drive the bus". The only times this has happened to me is when someone has refused to pay a fare or is about to get kicked off for whatever reason. I don't need anyone, especially a kid with an attitude problem, to tell me to do my job.

The driver got mad, understandably. He waited and the kid just sat there like he owned the place. The driver again asked him to pay a fare. The kid called him some names that he was too young to even speak. The driver put the air brake on, got up and walked off the bus. To the brats' amazement, the driver proceeded to remove the bike from the bike rack and THREW it! The kid got off and they were yelling at each other when a couple cops appeared out of nowhere. They grabbed the kid and threw handcuffs on him. Then they thanked the driver.

It seems that this little Einstein just committed a crime and was fleeing from the police when he spotted the bus. He decided to use it as his getaway vehicle. Funny thing is, if he had paid a fare and not called attention to himself it just might have worked!!

I should mention that it is really not a good idea to use the bus for a getaway from police. Not only are there cameras on all the buses, but we also have a Mobile Data Terminal that can be used against criminals who do this. Either we can push a silent alarm and the loser won't know the cops are even coming, or we can send and receive info regarding people the cops are looking for (or whatever other info needs to be communicated). This comes in handy for "Amber Alerts", lost elderly people, and once we even got info on a bank robber downtown so all the bus drivers could keep an eye out for him. It is also fairly common that we receive info on people that have caused problems on a bus so the other drivers can either avoid picking them up or contact police if they see them.


Anonymous Aaron said...

"I should mention that it is really not a good idea to use the bus for a getaway from police."


11:15 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

You'd be surprised...I haven't told the story about the transvestite that robbed the store and then got on the bus. Actually, I had a guy steal some stuff and get on my bus once. It is actually almost common, now that I think about it! Maybe I'll have to do a blog on those!

10:41 PM  

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