Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I had 2 teenage girls get on my bus today claiming to be 12 so they could pay the child fare. First mistake, I let them get away with it. A few blocks later a young man got on and went straight to the back of the bus and started messing with them. I heard one of the girls say something like "don't do that to her! Don't you know how old she is?" This got my attention and I looked back to see the boy had one girl squeezed into the corner with his arms around her. I said to leave her alone because she told me she was 12 and that would be sexual assault on a child and that wasn't happening on my bus and I'd have to call the police. I had heard the one girl claiming that the other was either 15 or 16 ( I forgot which) so at a minimum there was fare evasion going on. I couldn't see exactly what the boy was doing but he was laying all over the girl so I went ahead and called police, mostly to cover my own butt since I made it known that there was something going on with a minor in the bus.

They figured out I had called the police so they all got off the bus. Of course, this wasn't until I was called quite a few colorful names. The cops came and pulled the tape and I wrote out a report. Heck, if it was my niece that boy would've gotten a beating at the least! Maybe her mom would see this the same way I did.

I will never figure out why these kids come on the bus and play games with the fare and be so rude and disrespectful to the driver. They NEED the bus. I can tell you this, those girls won't be getting on my bus without adult supervision. I'm not their babysitter and if they wanna be whorish, let their own parents watch them!


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