Tuesday, June 06, 2006


One of the things bus drivers are supposed to do is announce controlled intersections in case there is anyone on the bus that is visually impaired. If we are lucky, the microphone is working. It bites to have to yell out streets for 8-10 hours. One day I had a mic that worked a little TOO well.

It just so happened that my little sister and my niece (Katie and Kayla) were on my bus that day. There came a time when we were the only ones on the bus. I decided to share with them the little secret of what I do sometimes when I am alone on the bus. I sing songs in the microphone. There is a little toggle switch on the dashboard that allows you to switch the microphone to inside the bus, outside the bus or inside and outside both at the same time. My switch was on inside only. Kayla said to say something to a couple that was next to a car. I told her they couldn't hear and she said do it anyway. Figuring they couldn't hear me I said "Hey" in a kind of long, drawn out manner. They both looked at the bus like they heard me. We all laughed, but I was thinking "OH SHIT!". We got to the end of the line and I asked Kayla to go out and tell me if she could hear me. I tried 3 times, moving the toggle switch each time..inside only, outside only and both. Each time I said "Can you hear me now?" Each time she said "Yes". They thought it was pretty funny...and it only got funnier. I told them that earlier that morning...I mean EARLY...like 5AM...I was alone on the bus. I was looking forward to a visit from my little sister so I decided to sing my own version of a song she had played at her wedding. "We are family...I got baby sister with me...." I sang it loud and into the microphone!!! I wonder how many people I woke up THAT morning. OOPS!


Anonymous James said...

Hey Bus Driver...do you take requests?

5:40 AM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Sure..as long as it isn't COUNTRY music...Yuk!

6:35 PM  

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