Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Have you ever seen those arcade type games that are big claw machines that you can grab stuffed animals out of? I get lucky on those sometimes and, since I don't have kids, I like to give the stuffed animals to kids that get on my bus. I don't know who enjoys it more...me or the kids. There is a science to doing this, actually. If I have 2 animals to give away and some lady gets on with 3 kids...nobody gets any. If a lady gets on after her with 1 kid, I can't give it to that kid either...that wouldn't be fair to the other 3 kids. Usually just the first kid to get on in any given trip gets one...unless I have another and a single kid gets on. I think you get the idea...if not, scroll back and read it over and over until you do.

One little boy got on with his dad one day. He was a little sweetie. Very polite. I gave him an animal (I think it was a teddy bear) and told him it needed a good home. I also said he needed a name and would he think of a good one for him. (I almost always tell the kids that.) He and his dad sat down and started discussing names for the bear. Eventually, they rang the bell and they came to the front of the bus to get off. The little boy was beaming with pride. He said he had a name for the bear. "His name is 4L." I told him that was a great name and I was sure the bear would be happy with him. Inside I was laughing...that was the route and destination letter of the route I was driving...and it was being discontinued! But what a great kid.

Another of my favorite kids was a little girl about 2-3 who I gave a stuffed elephant to. She pet it and said "doggie". I showed her his long trunk and I explained it was an elephant. Again, she said "doggie". Her mom and I laughed and I said "It's whatever you want it to be." Many months later I was doing the same route and a little girl got on with a very worn out looking elephant. The little girl had grown a little and I didn't recognize her. I told her mom the elephant looked familiar and asked if I had given it to her. Her mom kind of sighed and said "Yes, and she won't go anywhere without it. She won't go to daycare or to bed...no where without it." I thought that was great. The next day I gave her a multicolored stuffed fish.

My little sister, Katie, was working at a hospital in Florida. Their department decided to have its employees do some kind of charity work. Katie always loved how I gave the animals to the kids on the bus so she was going to collect them and send them to me to give the kids. Her boss thought it was a great idea...such a great idea she wanted to give them to the bus drivers in Orlando to give away!! I think Katie got a little mad about that. Oh well, at least it was for the kids...doesn't matter where they live. If there are any bus drivers out there...give a kid a stuffed animal. It'll make you both feel good!!


Anonymous James said...

Now you know why I always like it when Jeanne gets my name for Christmas!

11:10 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

I'm glad you got MY name for my BIRTHDAY!!
A new computer with awesome speakers AND a website!!! No wonder Momma didn't try for another boy...you're the best brother a girl could ask for!!

9:29 PM  

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