Monday, May 29, 2006


One day on the notorious 5 line, I noticed a bunch of people seated near the back of the bus moving up to sit closer to the front. This was odd. There had been no fighting or anything. It was actually a pretty quiet ride for the 5. My curiosity got the best of me and I asked a lady who had come and sat in the peanut seat (the side facing seat next to the front door) if there was a problem back there. She shyly pointed to a drunk man in the back and said "That man peed on the bus." Well, I don't know if you've ever noticed, but the floor of the bus has ridges in it so they can prop up the rear of the bus and hose it down inside and the ridges carry the water to the front and then the ridges turn so the water goes out the front door. Sure enough, when I went down a hill there was some suspicious looking fluid in the ridges of the floor heading toward the front of the bus. Needless to say, I tried to make quick my trip to the bottom of the hill so the fluid didn't get a chance to get too close to ME!! (Thank god our seats are on a little platform!!) I called in to get a new bus..urine is a body fluid therefore the bus is considered contaminated...and got to the end of my route at the Mall of America. Everyone got off and I drove around to the layover spot to get my new bus. I spent most of my short layover setting the farebox, signs, mirrors etc.. When it was time to go, I pulled up to pick up the passengers and guess who was the first one to come up the steps!!!! I said "OOOHHHH no, You're not riding on THIS bus." The drunk guy said "Ma'am, I don't think I did anything wrong." I told him "You peed on my bus!! Because of YOU, I didn't get a bathroom break!" All the people behind him started laughing. Drunk guy kept arguing with me and he refused to get off the bus. I told him this bus wasn't going anywhere until he was off it...even if that meant I had to wait for the Transit Police to come and take him off. The people wanting to board finally yelled at him and coaxed him enough that he gave up and got off.


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