Saturday, June 17, 2006


Why do kids do stupid stuff on the bus? Don't they realize they NEED the bus? For many, it is their only form of transportation. Apparently, they think as long as they pay the fare they can do whatever they want. This is SO not true!! In fact, one time the Control Center actually called ME on the bus and told me to pass up a particularly unruly bunch of kids. Seems they gave the driver ahead of me such a hard time that the cops came and kicked them all off the bus. Sure enough, I saw them all on the corner about a block from where they were kicked off. They were easy to spot, with all their gang colors and bandanas and stuff on. Just as they were described to me. As I approached the intersection, the light was red. I tried to go really slow so when the light changed I could whiz on by. They noticed and started walking towards the bus. I put the microphone on to project outside the bus and said "My boss told me to pass you up 'cuz you don't know how to act on the bus." Then they seemed REALLY angry! The light turned green and I went on by. People on the bus seemed happy, relieved and a little surprised. I explained to them that I really was told to pass them due to problems they caused on the bus ahead of me. They thought that was great. They said we should do that more often, I agree.

I called the Control Center back. I thanked them for the heads-up and told them to tell the next few buses going that way to pass them too. I explained that they were really angry and we should do all we could to see that they weren't allowed on another bus that evening. I don't know how they all got home, and I really don't care. If they want to act up they can do it somewhere that other people aren't stuck in close quarters with them. I hope they are still walking!


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Hey it's 2165. Good stuff. You should turn on RSS/Atom/Feeds/Syndication or whatever it's called in your options

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Blogger nimbleboy said...

Oh yeah, here goes 2165 about the RSS feeds. Better do it or he'll just make your life miserable until you do...

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Blogger Driver2165 said...


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Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

I have NO idea what you are talking about. I'm basically a computer idiot. I'll have my personal webmaster a.k.a. big brother check it out. Thanks

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Anonymous Brother James said...

You give me too much credit. It's set for ATOM now, for some reason RSS doesn't appear as an

If you know how to activate this, catch me at

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