Friday, June 30, 2006


Thanks for your comments...It lets me know I'm not just talking to myself!

Big Bro', funny you should mention that. About the fake transfers, last night I had a con man try to get on with a crumpled transfer. He put it in the farebox and it read "expired". He claimed his kid chewed on it. I looked at it and this guy had actually taken the time to tear out the little pieces that showed the date. The time part would have given him a couple more hours, but I'm not an idiot. It wasn't soggy like a kid chewed on it and if his kid HAD done it he really needs to take the kid to a dentist. He'd have to have some scary teeth to gnaw out just the two little holes that used to be where the date was! I told him the box still read expired and it was quite odd how JUST the date was missing. He said he just wanted to get home and could I just let him ride free. I said "First you want to play me like I'm stupid and now you want to ask me for a favor. You need to pay a fare like everyone else or get off the bus." Some guy in the back yelled "yeah!" It's always good to get support from the other passengers. He got off the bus.

To Aaron, Welcome! TWO routes? Not a lot of job opportunities for bus drivers there, huh? Glad you enjoy my site...Keep comin' back!

To the fiance, You're gonna marry a bus driver?? I think they provide counseling for that. Just messing with ya. Actually, I work with some interesting people. They come from all walks of life. Best wishes to both of you!

Thanks again for all your comments and for checking out my site. You all are very much appreciated!


Anonymous James said...

Jeanne...I think I figured out the RSS feed. Check the right hand side under LINKS.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Big Bro',
I tried it and it keeps saying that the page could not be displayed...???? I tried to "refresh"...just not working.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Aaron said...

I feel honored for being mentioned!! I don't think i'll do very well as a bus driver seeing as i just wrote off my first car last friday...3 weeks after i got it! Yeah we only have 2 town bus routes but about 15-20 school bus routes (Because all the towns are pretty separated), but screw being a school bus driver.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

I would NOT want to drive a school bus. The city bus, you can throw off the idiots and you actually have your own police department (transit police) to help out if needed. School bus you have to deal with the kids if you like it or not. You have to go through a bunch of red tape to get the bad ones not to be able to ride the thanks!

10:44 PM  
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