Wednesday, June 28, 2006


As I mentioned before, I often win stuffed animals out of those claw machines and give them to the kids on my bus. One of my favorite kids is a little Asian boy who appears to have down syndrome. That little boy has more energy than I would if I saved up for a week!

I pulled up to a corner one day while driving route 23 and he got on with the lady (or should I say energetic saint!) that is always with him. I gave him a Batman doll and watched as he sat in the back of the bus bashing Batman against the windows and seats. He was having a ball.

Months later I pulled up to the same corner and Batman Boy was literally rolling around on the ground. The lady was having a hard time getting him to get on the bus. I said "Look! It's Batman Boy!" He stood up immediately and practically ran up the steps of the bus. The lady said "Look, it's the driver that gave you the Batman doll!" He just stood by the farebox and didn't say a thing. That was the one and only time I ever saw him standing still. She paid the fare and took Batman out of a backpack she was carrying. She apologized for the wear and tear. I told her it was good to see that Batman went to a kid that would play with him. Otherwise, he'd just be sitting on my dresser with all the other stuffed animals I haven't given away yet.

It didn't dawn on my until later that the little boy probably thought I was going to give him another doll or stuffed animal. I kinda feel bad that I didn't. I don't want him to think that every time he gets on the bus he should expect one. However, when Batman gets beaten to death, I'll give him another toy...I'm a softee!


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