Monday, July 17, 2006


Usually, route 24 is pretty boring. It is a newer route so the people haven't all figured out it exists yet.

Tonight this lady got on. She's a heavy set lady missing most of her front teeth. She sat in the peanut seat (of course) and started telling me that a bus driver owed her $20. She claimed that she gave him a loan and he never paid it back. At this point, I didn't realize this lady was missing more than a few bricks. I told her drivers should never ask passengers for money and she should report it.

As she continued to ramble on, I wished I could have taken back that suggestion. It was becoming obvious that she had a lot of extra space where her brain should be. She started pointing at nearly every apartment complex and saying it should be torn down. "They could put a playground there." "They could put a park there." Then she said they should tear down Hennepin County Medical Center...The main Level 1 Trauma Center in Minneapolis!! I had been trying to normalize the "conversation" and to that I said "What if you got shot right here? You'd be glad that hospital is there!" She didn't miss a breath and said "Everyone should go to Unity Hospital in St. Paul anyway. Then we could all come together and be friends."

At about that point, a guy got up and on his way off the bus he looked at me as if to say "Nice try, but it's hopeless!" He almost made it to the bottom stair before he busted out laughing...He tried.

The lady didn't notice. She just kept on with her new topic...How terrible it is that people are kidnapping the elderly. I had a hard time not laughing at that one! Yeah, there's so much money in that...EVERYBODY is doing it these days!!

Life is a comedy...Enjoy it!


Anonymous reaper said...

It's always funny when someone gets stolen from when they stole it themself.

Crazy people have an inate need to make other people aware of their crazy.

I emailed you about my story. I am also plaicng that link to one of your posts in my weekly schedule. I also request a link to my blog if its not much trouble, yours is in my newer friends section.

1:29 AM  
Blogger Davo said...

Heh, I had an experience with someone as loopy as that recently.
Some weird lady came up to my front door and asked for "donations" for "the poor and homeless".
Hah! Crazy bitch.

2:40 AM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Davo, I thought you were from some small town in Australia? Interesting to know this stuff happens in other countries. They haven't evolved to going door to door here yet, but I'm sure that will be next. Then I'll have to get a "Welcome" matt that gives out an electrical shock! Think I won't? Hehehehehe

3:51 PM  

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