Saturday, July 22, 2006


I'm warning you now, if you are easily grossed out or if you happen to be eating right now...Skip this blog.

I was dropping off a lady the other day. She was quite heavy set and had on pale yellow knee length shorts that were very loose at the bottom. She seemed very nice and polite. She was just getting ready to get off the bus and told me to have a nice evening. I said "Thanks, you too." Out of the corner of my eye I saw something fall to the floor. I was about to tell her she dropped something when I looked and saw what it was. This was one of VERY few times in my life that I was speechless! It was a bloody tampon!! The lady sitting next to the door saw it sitting there. I was so embarrassed for the lady that "lost" it, I just tried to play it off like I didn't see it sitting there at the top of the steps. I closed the door and pulled off.

Body fluid is contamination, so I was driving thinking to myself I HAD to get it off the floor. I wanted to puke just thinking about it. In the back of my mind, I was still trying to figure out HOW that happened. I am a female and in all my years I have NEVER had one FALL OUT!! Didn't she have underwear on under those very light colored thin shorts?? That just brought on more of the silent gagging.

I realized I was going to get to the Light Rail station a little on the early side and mentally tried to prepare myself for the VERY unpleasant task ahead. I pulled over and opened the door. There was a man getting on and I thought he would see it and step around it. Of course not, he stepped ON it and fresh blood oozed out onto the floor!! I had a few napkins in my hand (as a bus driver, it's always good to have a stash of napkins...Usually for you or your passengers to blow your nose or something...Never dreamed of using them for THIS!!!) and reached over and picked up the nasty nasty (from the WHITE side) and put it into the garbage.

For my mental well being, I used my Purell hand sanitizer that I also carry in my little goodie bag. I sat and ran out my extra time...Leaving early can get you a written violation...Acting like nothing happened. As I drove around the rest of the night, the dark spot on the floor was like a silent reminder of the disgusting sight of the guy stepping on the used tampon. I know I should have gotten a new bus, but I told myself there wasn't much time left for me to work and I was doing route 23, which isn't all that busy after rush hour. When I pulled in, I DID tell the lady that took the bus from me (to fuel and clean it) about the incident and that the THING was in the garbage can.

Strange things happen on the bus...And I'm STILL trying to figure out how it FELL OUT!!!!


Anonymous Franiel said...

That's distgusting!!!! wonder you have any comments on this one!!!

9:30 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

That WAS pretty nasty...and I'm STILL trying to figure out HOW that could happen!!

6:49 PM  

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