Friday, July 28, 2006


Anyone that knows me knows I am a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. Most of my family, however, are fans of our biggest rival...The Green Bay Packers. What can I say? They are my family so I gotta love 'em anyway.

There is an old man that gets on my bus quite a bit. He's got these beautiful blue eyes that just seem to be looking for trouble. He always has on this VERY worn out Green Bay Packers cap...Which proves to me he found the trouble he was looking for. I always tease him and tell him things like "Packer fans have to pay double on THIS bus!!" Or I tell him we have special seating for Packer fans and I point to the emergency escape hatch in the roof and tell him to climb on through and hold on tight. He laughs and teases me back the same way my brother does...He asks how many Super Bowls the Vikings have won.

One day the old guy got on and I said "That hat is looking really old. You need a new one. Why don't you let me buy you a nice new Vikings hat?" He said "Yeah. You're right, in fact, I could use two of them." I was really shocked!! That's when he GOT me...He said " I need one to shit in and the other to cover it up with."

Gotta love the ol' guy!!


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