Saturday, August 12, 2006


A lot of the routes I drive are within the south side of Minneapolis. I lived there for many years. (Now I live on the north side...Which has a very bad reputation, known for having the most murders in the city so far this year, though a lot of great people live here.) In fact, my first house was on the south side. I got the house and lived there through most of my mid-20's.

When I lived south, it was mostly black and white...Literally. Now it seems mostly Mexican and middle eastern. Though I may not be ethnically-correct, I see pretty much anyone with a scarf on their head as Muslim. Just tonight, thanks to TIVO, I watched a show called "30 Days" in which a Christian guy lived with a Muslim family for 30 days. It was very educational. I didn't realize how close our religions are. We both pray to our God. The big difference seems to be that I (being raised Catholic) was taught that Jesus was the son of God. Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet and they pray through Mohammed instead of Jesus. However, we both believe in one God.

Being that Muslims are blamed for the tragedy of the World Trade Center bombings back in 2001, they are very much feared and persecuted in our country today. There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the United States. Many were born and raised here, as I was. They feel the same way most other US citizens do about the massacre that took place on that day. After watching that show and talking with the Muslims that ride my bus every day, it seems terrible to me that they are "profiled" because of their clothing and religious beliefs. If you don't believe me, dress in their traditional clothing and see how people look at and treat you.

I just don't think it fair that a few nuts with bombs have made a whole spectrum of people be discriminated against. Heck, as a catholic, there have been more than a few nuts claiming to believe what I believe that have been murderers too! Those of you from Minneapolis, remember the lady a few years back that threw her kids in the river to "save" them? What about the lady in Texas that drowned her own FIVE kids because she didn't think they were acting the way her christian views allowed? Didn't the guy who blew up the Murrah building, killing a bunch of people including all the kids in the daycare there, claim to be a Christian?

My point is, every group has its' nuts. Let's not hate each other because of the nuts.


Blogger Davo said...

Imagine if christians were prosecuted for some of their extremists throughout history!
I totally agree, there is a disgusting stigma in the world now against Muslims, when in fact only a small percentage are extremists
It's like looking at white males suspiciously- I mean, come on, think about it, nearly all serial killers were white males, they have to all be sociopaths!

6:40 AM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Uh brother is a white guy!! Hmmmmmm...maybe I should point out a couple ex-boyfriends to him. Hehehe

Seriously though, glad to see there is another person out there that doesn't judge MANY people on the actions of a few.


11:19 AM  

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