Friday, August 11, 2006


There is a man that often rides routes 18 and 21 in South Minneapolis that is known by many as The Preacher Man. Recently, he was given an award by the city for helping out a police officer in need. The officer (I think it was a sheriff deputy) was wrestling with a man he was trying to arrest and Preacher Man stepped in to help restrain the guy. He got a black eye out of his very successful attempt at being a good Samaritan. The real kicker is...Preacher Man is about 70-80 something years old. I forgot his exact age, but I know he is an elderly man.

A couple years ago, Preacher Man got on my bus when I was doing the 18 route. As usual, he sat in the peanut seat to chat with me. He gave me what looked like a cut out piece of a red bandana that he said had been blessed. He told me to keep it with me and God would look over me. A lady got on with her leg in a cast up to her knee. He put a piece of the cloth in the ladys' cast and told her it would help her to heal.

Preacher Man is a very nice ol' guy. He may be kind of a flirt (he's asked me out to dinner a few times, and I'm SURE I'm not the only one!) but I think that comes out of his loneliness. He is single and has no kids. He says he has no other family here either. I feel kind of sorry for him even though he doesn't seem to feel sorry for himself.

When I read in the paper and saw on the news the story about Preacher Man helping out the police, I really wanted to do something nice for him. I went to my manager at work and suggested that we give him free bus rides for the rest of his life...Kind of like an honorary retiree or something. I was quite disappointed when my manager didn't share my enthusiasm for showing Preacher Man how much we need and appreciate the GOOD citizens of Minneapolis. My request was denied.

I was happy to see that the police gave him not only an award, but something he is SURE to use...Lots of Minneapolis Police shirts and hats and things. I have NEVER seen him wearing anything but clothes with the Minneapolis Police logo on it. He takes great pride in supporting the local police.

I really just wish my company would reward this great person with something else he would most certainly use and appreciate...Free bus/train rides for the rest of his life. I even tried to push the fact that he is elderly and even though he is a VERY frequent rider (multiple rides daily) his age would limit the actual amount of years they would take a "loss". I even mentioned that it would be good advertising and good public relations, but had no luck.

I guess I will have to settle with letting the Preacher Man know I tried and that I did write this blog so others would know what a great guy he is and that he is appreciated.

Thanks, Preacher Man!!


Anonymous James said...

Man, my sister is the COOLEST. Getting you set up with this blog is having great residual benefits for your brother stranded in the outpost of Texas.

Actually, it's no outpost...(Sugar Land was just named the #1 or #1 place to live in the US...depending on whose poll you believe.)

Anyway...I think I'm gonna have one of my LONE STAR SOUND Bears shipped to you to give to one of the lucky kids that gets to ride your bus.

They're available at if anyone else wants to do the same.

See ya soon!

Bro JO

11:42 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Hey, Bro!!

Just got your e-mail about your Lonestar products the other know I had to order something!!

Lucky for me...the bear wasn't on my order. THAT is going to have to go to an ultra-cool kid...and he/she is going to have to be old enough to understand where it came from...too bad you couldn't autograph it for him/her!!

I hate to leave other people out...If you are reading this, my big brother has his own recording studio and does voice-overs for commercials and stuff.(He used to be a DJ...the free albums were always great, until he went to the COUNTRY stations...YUK!) He does business under "Lonestar Sound and Pictures". I believe there's a link on my site. Need a commercial done? Check him out!! He's not a lammer..even the American Red Cross uses him for TV commercials!!
Boy, did THAT sound like a "shameless plug"???? Well, it was...I'm very proud of my brother...he's great at what he does!

11:56 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

I think I mis-spoke...Actually, I think it was Blue Cross commercials that were on TV when I visited in Texas. OOPS...hey, waddaya expect??? I'm just a bus driver!!

11:23 AM  

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