Saturday, August 26, 2006


Had to laugh. There was a guy on my bus last night that seemed to be trying to impress the two girls he was sitting with. I pretty much ignored them, but it's strange how your brain clicks in when something hilarious is about to happen. It's like it knows to tell your ears to listen...Something funny is about to happen!

The guy was probably about mid-20's, as were the girls. When my ears picked up I heard him say " It's true!! I remember! I was in the eighth grade. I was 16 and taking drivers ed at the time. I remember!" He seemed to be so proud to have been taking drivers ed, the concept of being in eighth grade at sixteen years old totally flew over his head. He sounded as if he were bragging. I couldn't help but laugh quietly out loud at the picture in my head of this kid a foot taller than his classmates sitting at his desk raising his hand. Of course, he would have been prepared to give an incorrect answer...Seeing as he'd already flunked at least THREE years of school!!

Comedy...It's EVERYWHERE!!


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