Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I was driving the 18 route down Nicollet Mall yesterday. From my first trip by 12th and Nicollet at about 6:30AM to my last trip past there at around 1:45 PM, there was an old guy standing on the corner talking to some invisible person. He was wearing some rather filthy, tattered clothing and appeared homeless. Just to see how "gone" this guy was, I'd smile and wave at him while I sat at the stoplight. His face would light up and he seemed to come back to reality for a moment and he'd grin and wave back.

The entire day, he was holding a coffee cup (the to-go type insulated disposable ones) and standing by the water fountain. The fountain is a collection of various sizes of cylinder shaped pedestals ranging from probably about 5 feet to about 20 feet high. The water comes down on the outsides of these tubes to a pool of water at the bottom. Then it flows around the multiple tiers like a creek. The area most often has homeless people that are drunk and/or drinking hanging out there. More than I'd care to admit, I've seen them use the fountain as a toilet.

I was talking to another driver about the old guy down there ALL day on the corner. He told me that the guy uses the cup to drink...Get this... Out of the fountain!! I almost blew chunks. That was just disgusting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and CHUNKS is my dog!

(old joke punchline)

8:52 AM  
Anonymous reaper said...

Maybe he has been to Mexico and gotten used to their water, lol.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

I have been paying a little more attention to people by the fountain this week, since I've been driving by it every day. I saw one guy crouched down and washing his face in the water. I saw another guy filling up a water bottle. It's really disgusting.

11:00 AM  

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