Monday, November 20, 2006


A driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, played a hilarious practical joke on the bus today.

Do you ever play those scratch off lottery tickets where you can win money? This driver found some joke ones...Every one is a BIG winner. Of course, they are not valid and it explains this on the back. No one ever looks at the back until they win a big prize and need to find out how to claim the prize.

The driver placed one ticket on a seat before starting the route and fixed a mirror so they could keep an eye on it. Nearly half a dozen people got on and walked right by it. Then one businessman got on and eyed it as he started to walk by. He quickly took the seat behind the one with the ticket. He looked around a little and then reached over the seat and grabbed the ticket. He had a folded newspaper that he put it on to make it look as if he was reading the paper. He scratched off the ticket and his face started to shine with amazement. He caught himself and looked around again. Seeing that no one was looking...He stuffed the ticket in his back pocket. He continued to smile as he pretended to read the paper.

That was a GOOD one!!


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