Thursday, December 14, 2006


Just to let you know, I am using this blog right now as a distraction from current events.

I am sorry to say, my father is in the critical care unit at the hospital. I am waiting for my little sister to get here so we can go up and visit with him again. I don't think he even knows when we are there. It is not pleasant. I am just hoping he's made some progress since seeing him yesterday.

You always have to look for the bright side...It helps you hold on to your sanity. The bright side is...

My lil' sis' is due to have her first child any day (minute?) now. WOO HOOOOO!!!!

I know I usually keep this "Picking Up Strangers" related, but thought I'd say "thank you" for letting me use this...just this one time...As a place to vent. I would also like to mention that my job has been fantastic in dealing with my fathers' unfortunate situation. They immediately covered the rest of my work yesterday so I could drive the 2 hours to the hospital when I found out his situation had worsened. It is nice to be able to deal with this situation without worrying about my job. I hope they know how much I appreciate their support.

I don't want to offend anyone, but to anyone out there who believes in a higher power...I would appreciate if you could take a moment and say a prayer for my dad. We can use all the help we can get!

Thanks again for your prayers and for allowing me to vent a little....I'll try not to do it again! Hopefully, I'll be back picking up strangers soon.


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