Saturday, January 27, 2007


I drove the 17 route today. It goes down the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. Every time I drove by the Hyatt Hotel, I couldn't help but look up at the broken window on the 17th floor. I'm shocked they haven't fixed it yet.

Maybe you didn't see the news...It was seen INTERNATIONALLY!! Unbelievable.

Some 29 year old guy was in town from Wisconsin with some friends for a dart tournament. Apparently, they had more than a little to drink. The guy charges off the elevator and goes running down the hall. He trips and goes THROUGH the window and falls 16 floors onto the roof of a one story piece of the building below the window. Most people would be dead on impact. God must not have wanted him yet. He survived with a broken leg (he landed on his feet!!) and collapsed lungs. Seems he is quite a stocky guy, but even with a little extra cushion to break the fall...He is a miracle.

He should really buy a powerball ticket!!


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