Saturday, January 27, 2007


Had a fun bunch on one of my trips today. One little lady was 82 years old. I would have guessed she was MAYBE in her early 70's. She didn't use a walker or anything and was getting around like she was half her age. She said God took away all her "itises". She had had arthritis, bronchitis and I forget the other ones she listed. She was a riot. She kept praising God and got quite a few people on the bus to praise Him right along with her. Then a big guy sat right behind me. In no time he was swept into praising the lord with her. He was apparently handing out some "business" cards. The old lady said she didn't need one, she thought they were some religious material. He told her they were business cards and she asked what business he was in. He said "movies".

I was tempted to start chatting with him myself, seeing as my brother is in that field. (You can check out his "the day the music died" video tribute to Buddy Holly on It's the one by Lonestarsound.... <---shameless plug, but what can I say!! He's good!!) Anyway, luckily I just minded my own business and continued to "overhear" the conversation. Turns out the guy was selling bootleg movies...2 for $5. That's not the funny part....

After the old lady got off, the bootlegger was still sitting behind me on his cell phone talking to some poor girl. He was saying how he was trying to get with God, get his life right and how he just wanted a "church-going girl" to settle down with. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!

Apparently, he never heard of "Thou shalt not steal" ...which is what bootleggers are all about. Not to mention it is ILLEGAL!! I'm so glad I listened and didn't actually start talking to that guy.


Anonymous James said...

Hey sis...thanks for the shameless plug. If you didn't see it, I have an updated version on YOUTUBE

Had a little factual error that needed to be corrected. Hope to see you while I'm on the road in the coming weeks.

Pssssst...wanna buy a video? (grin)

11:10 AM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

I checked out both videos. I only noticed one difference, the date. Mom noticed something do you spell Moorhead, MN ?? Hehehe

10:03 AM  

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