Saturday, June 09, 2007


I would like to express my thanks to the Metro Transit Police, the St. Paul Police and any other agencies that took part in cleaning up the bus stop in downtown St. Paul at 5th street and Minnesota.

This particular bus stop is one that had a HUGE problem with thugs and gang members hanging out, selling drugs and intimidating transit customers and the general public. The police had cameras recording the activity for the last few months and arrested 20 losers and are looking for 80 more that were causing problems for everyone down there. I read in the paper that this past winter, these losers even had the nerve to charge people a dollar to use the bus shelter!! How dare they. Not only don't they own it, I highly doubt they pay taxes and they want to charge the tax paying citizens of St. Paul to stay warm while they wait for a bus to go to/from work????? I think they should make these criminals build shelters and hand out literature warning of the effects of crack and meth on a person. They should also have to scrub graffiti and pick up garbage for hours.

There is a consequence that I'm sure none of them was aware of. Due to a great new law passed recently, they are given a stay away warning that prohibits them from being within blocks of the place they were arrested. If they are found where they aren't supposed to be, they can be immediately arrested. Continued violations result in more jail time. I love that idea. I'm tired of seeing these same people arrested and right back out in the same place doing the same stupid stuff. Hopefully, this law will help keep the area, and other areas, safe for honest, hard-working people.

Thanks again to all the officers for a job well done!! I'm sure I speak for many people, bus riders and bus drivers alike, who are sick of these criminals taking over public places and making it unsafe to go about our regular day. Your fine work is very much appreciated!! Now, how about 7th and Hennepin/Nicollet? ;)


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