Monday, May 14, 2007


As I was driving the bus down the street, I noticed a handicapped man coming out of the Cub Foods. He turned and looked at the bus and tried to run toward the bus stop. He appeared to have some type of cerebral palsy or something and was having a hard time running. As I approached, he still had a good three fourths of a block to the bus stop. I pulled up next to him and opened the door. Some guy behind me said "Good lookin' out, driver." I recognized the man getting on as a frequent rider, one with a great sense of humor. I couldn't help myself. I said "I saw that shirt and I thought you must be a great guy so I thought I'd pick you up. Now that I see that hat, I may have been mistaken. That's a great shirt, but that hat has got to go!" He had on a Minnesota Vikings shirt and a Green Bay Packer cap.

He grinned and thanked me for stopping for him. Then he told me he really liked both teams and all the attention he got when he wore that hat with that shirt. We had some upbeat conversation as he rode. The "Good lookin' out" guy joined in. As the Viking/Packer fan was getting off at his stop I said "Go Vikings!" He turned around and grinned again and said "Go Packers!"

He made my day.


Anonymous Brett Favre said...


4:03 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Brett?? On MY website?? Yeah, sure. GO VIKINGS!! Hehehehe

11:38 PM  

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