Friday, April 20, 2007


There is a guy that I happen to have ride my bus last night AND tonight. I always hate to see him coming. He's one of those annoying people. He's never at the bus stop on time. He prefers to flag you down like you are a cab and seems to always be too close to just pass up. He always gets on and tells you his most recent life drama or lack of, as the case usually is. He likes to touch your shoulder as he speaks and that really irks me. I don't like being touched by strangers...especially this one.

I think he has some type of mental issue as he uses a mobility card to pay his fare and he seems to be perfectly mobile. His conversation and actions lead me to believe it's a mental thing. For example, the goofy thing he did tonight. I was stopped at the light rail station and he got off the bus. My "what a relief" moment was just that...a moment. He got back on the bus and asked when I was leaving. I told him in less than a minute. He said he wanted to ride the bus but, due to his disability (??????) he had to get in the BACK door. Keep in mind, he was already standing on the second of three steps on the bus and had just gotten on the first time (and hundreds of other times) using the front door. I said "well, you're already on the bus and I leave in about 10 seconds." He insisted "It's part of my disability...I have to get in the back door. " He got out and proceeded to the back door of the bus and started to pull it open. I just let out a sigh as he struggled to get in the back door, getting his bags stuck after he got in and having to open the door again to get his trapped possessions. As I watched him in the mirror, I noticed the grins of the people on the bus. One lady was actually giggling. I'm not sure if it was at him or at my frustration with him. Whichever, at least he was providing free entertainment for the passengers.

He is one of those passengers that I don't look forward to seeing again. He's just goofy.


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