Saturday, June 09, 2007


I am so tired of hearing about Paris Hilton!! That has been the big talk on the bus lately. I am glad I had the day off today for a break from the "news".

My unofficial survey from the chat on the bus...everyone thinks she should be put back in jail to serve her full sentence. Now that they have done that, maybe the talk will die down by the time I go back to work on Monday. I agree that it was TOTALLY unfair that she was released to her home (a mansion - what a punishment) due to some alleged medical condition. Good thing no one else serving time is ever sick anywhere in the country...EVER! What an insult to our intelligence.

Anyway, she's back where she belongs. Let's all move on with our lives and talk about something with at least a little "news" quality to it...the war in Iraq, drugs in our communities, gangs taking over, the global Aids epidemic and the orphans it leaves behind,world poverty and hunger...I'm sure we can come up with something!


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