Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I was just finishing my first day driving the State Fair work. It was a pretty mellow, uneventful day. I didn't even get a Sweet Martha cookie! Last year I got a ton of them. People wanted me to take them so they could close their overflowing buckets.

I was bringing my last load of fair goers into downtown. All was pretty quiet. As I got to the light rail stop on 5Th street, a young girl came running up to my bus. She was in a pink dress and was barefoot and crying. I opened the door and she yelled "Call the police! Those people over there just robbed me! They took my cell phone battery and my money and I have asthma and I had to fight them and get away! Call the police, please! Where's my inhaler?" She started frantically looking in her bag.

I immediately made a priority call to the Control Center. The losers that attacked her were hanging out in the bus shelter. There were too many to get descriptions of. People on the bus didn't realize I was waiting for the Control Center to call me to give them the info so it appeared to them I was doing nothing. Someone said "Don't you have a cell phone? You need to call the police!" I explained that we aren't allowed to carry them or have them turned on and I was waiting for a call to give them the info. Some lady on the bus got on her cell phone and called police. By then, Control called me and I gave them the info.

In the meantime, the girl saw a security guard standing on the corner and wanted me to let her off so she could go ask him for help. I let her off, knowing there were at least two calls in and the police would be there soon. There were about 4-5 guys and 3-4 girls involved in robbing this poor girl. The security guard would probably get his butt whooped down there by himself.

I hope they caught those losers. What a bunch of punks...ganging up on this skinny little young (she was probably 20-ish) girl.

Tomorrow is another day!


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