Monday, August 09, 2010


Recently, I was driving a few guys around that knew each other. They were older guys. One was a Vietnam veteran who wore a camouflage hat and kind of dirty, tattered clothes.

The guys were sitting with another guy that rides buses quite a bit, sometimes just to chat with the driver. They were all sitting in the very front of the bus. The veteran was sitting right behind me, so I couldn't really see him.

They were joking with each other. One offered to take another guy fishing, then said he had some cinder blocks and just wanted to use him for bait. They laughed and kidded back and forth.

Meanwhile, there seemed to be an unusual number of babies and small kids getting on the bus. I always say "hi" to them. Usually, I try to find something to compliment them on....what a pretty pink your spiderman shoes...whatever.

The veteran behind me heard me chatting with the kids and suddenly said "I love kids..." My mental picture of this guy just seemed to conflict with his comment. Then it became clear. He finished his thought and said"...they taste like chicken!"

I had to laugh.


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