Saturday, July 07, 2007


I had two twenty-something year olds get on the 18 this past week. They were so high it was ridiculous. The guy got on and paid his fare. He seemed really tired. Then the girl with him fumbled through her purse looking for her bus card as he literally held her up. Her eyes were half closed and she wobbled all over. After finally paying the fare, they sat in the peanut seat .(lucky me!)

Feeling like I was being watched, I turned and looked. The girl was sitting there kind of slumped with her eyes fixed on me. They were only half opened so all I could see was the bottom half of her eyes. She looked dead. The guy was making conversation with anyone who would listen. I don't know if he was doing it to stay awake or to attempt to cover the fact that they were both VERY high. When people started ignoring him and his girl was asleep propped against his side, he tried to talk to me. "Do you go to Nicollet?" was Einsteins first question. I informed him we were ON Nicollet. He tried to cover his drugged stupidity. "Do you go to Nicollet Mall?" "Yes, after we cross Grant, we will be on the mall." Then he topped it off with a question that could only come from someone that has lost more than a few brain cells. "What stop should I get off on if I want to go to eighth and Nicollet?" It was hard not to sound sarcastic, so I just answered the question. "Eighth and Nicollet." The people sitting nearby got a good chuckle out of that.

I call all the streets downtown a block before we get to them. I called 8th and Nicollet and stopped at the stop. People got on, people got off. High and Higher just sat there looking very dazed. I turned and asked if he wanted 8th and Nicollet. He said "Yeah, 8th and Nicollet." He just sat there and I said "This would be your stop." He looked around as if I were dropping him off on Mars. Finally, something must have looked familiar through his foggy eyes and he woke up the girl and they managed to get off the bus. I was actually more than a little surprised that they didn't fall down the steps.

I think that tape should be pulled (everything on the bus is audio/video recorded) and they should use it as proof that drugs kill brain cells...lots of them!


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