Thursday, July 29, 2010


Can't believe no one found me within the past 3 days! I was on the route with crackheads at one end and college students on the other...the 2 route!

Tomorrow I'm working from 10:30-ish AM til 630-ish PM. I'm on one of my least favorite routes. It has a layover downtown and goes waaaaaaay south, primarily on one street. It's got the mean lady that gets mad when I lower the bus for her to make it easier to get on.

Can't wait to see who finds me first and wins the prizes. Good luck to all!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Tuesday thru thursday I will be on the route I described before as having crackheads on one side of the route and college students on the other. I'll be out there from noonish to 8ish-pm.

Had to laugh. The guy that almost found me last week was soooooooo close! He tried the 12 route at Uptown Station and I was on the 23, which lays over there! The driver was a lady from my garage and told me about it. She knew about my contest and thought it was kind of fun to have the guy give her the winning phrase. I was just glad to know someone is actually participating in my contest! I have to carry the bag of prizes around every day until someone finds me. To the guy that almost won, thanks for your effort. Maybe you'll find me with the new clue.

To anyone playing along, don't forget to say the winning phrase! If it's me, you walk away with the prizes!

Good luck!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Still hiding in plain sight! I only work Monday thru Wednesday this week. I'll be doing a route that has a layover where it meets up with both routes I've done in the last two weeks...I've told you one of those routes already. This is a major transfer point.

I"ll be out there noon-ish to nine-ish p.m.. Remember....only three days to find me this week. Don't forget the winning phrase!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have about the same schedule as last week...just before morning rush to just before afternoon rush. The route I am on actually crosses paths with the route I did last week. They meet at a major transfer point.

Don't forget to say the winning phrase if you find me..."Are you Picking Up Strangers?" and go home with all the prizes!

Good luck!


The old guy with the invisible token scam was out all day one day when I was on Lake Street last week. I must have seen him wandering Lake Street at least half a dozen times.

Early in the morning, about 6 AM, I saw him in a little huddle of people at Chicago-Lake Transit Center. There were a couple guys that pass out religious literature in the huddle. I figured they were praying, asking God to show them the way. It kind of touched my heart. Maybe there was some good in this scamming guy after all.

Later the same day, I saw the old guy walking down the street toward me. He had a couple friends walking with him. He was holding the bottom of his shirt in the front as he walked. It looked strange. Something was suspicious. He looked like a little kid hoping not to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Curious, and running a little early, I purposely missed the stoplight to watch and see what he was up to.

He and his friends turned the corner. No more than 5 steps later, invisible token guy pulled what looked like a t-shirt out from under the front of the shirt he was wearing and waved it around. They were all laughing. Then I noticed a couple guys dressed like referees coming from Foot Locker in hot pursuit. I was glad I missed the light. This was better than T.V.. The thieves around the corner had no idea they were about to be busted.

The ref caught up to them and words were exchanged. The thief handed the ref the stolen shirt. Then the ref motioned spun his hand in circles at the wrist as if to say "come on, come on". The thief looked defeated. He pulled another shirt out from under his shirt and handed it to the ref.

The light changed and I had to go. My mind, however, stayed with the scenario I had just witnessed. All I could think of was how I would hate to buy one of those shirts he had tucked up his shirt next to his filthy body. Ewww. The guy had the same clothes on all week. He was sweaty and gross.

Then I came to another realization....seems the prayer session didn't take!


The same old guy from a few blogs back got on my Lake Street bus last week. He tried the same thing, only this time with a bunch of pennies. He put in a couple dozen pennies and, as I sat there pretending to wait for the rest of the fare, he said "there's a token in there." I knew damn well there wasn't. If he had a token, he wouldn't have needed any more money. He was hoping I got stupid since our last meeting, I guess, and thought he'd disguise the fact that there was no token by trying to confuse me with pennies. I didn't work.

I asked him if he recognized me. He looked confused. I reminded him of our last lil' situation and pointed out how similar this one was. I told him he really needed to stop playing around and pay the fare like everyone else.

He flipped me off and got off the bus.

Geez, flipped off before morning rush hour was even over! What a way to start the day. I hate Lake Street!


What some people won't do to cheat the fare!

I was driving the 21 down Lake Street last week....yep, that's where you could have found me and won prizes...and I pulled up to a bus stop. There was a guy there pushing a lady in a wheelchair. I was getting the lift deployed to get them onto the bus. This twenty-something girl on the bus looked out the window and seemed quite concerned. She said "What is my Aunt doing in a wheelchair?" I thought to myself...Hmmmmmmm.

I don't normally ask people in wheelchairs for mobility ID, but something about this seemed a little fishy. They got on. The lady in the chair put in the 75 cent mobility fare and pointed to the guy pushing her and said "He's my P.C.A.." Knowing the P.C.A. deal is one of the biggest scams in town, I asked her for her mobility ID. She said "What?" I told her it was required if she was paying mobility fare. Her face just dropped. She knew the scam was up.

Her niece came up and paid for both the lady and the guy. They talked and a few blocks the stop near the liquor store (hmmmmmmm), they rang to get off. After I was done getting them off the bus and started to pull away, the girl came up to me. She said "I'm sorry. That's my Aunt and Uncle. They are both alcoholics."

I've seen a gazillion scams, but one thing about this stuck in my head. Where the hell did they get the wheelchair?!!?


Here's one for you to think about...

Be nice to your kids. They'll chose your nursing home!


I saw a car plastered with a bunch of bumper stickers. Here's my favorite one.

Urban Sprawl - Cut down all the trees and name streets after them.

How true.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


No one found me yet...well, it's only been two working days since the contest started.

The rest of this week, I have the same schedule. I start with the morning rush hour and finish just before the afternoon rush hour. I'm on a route I've blogged about quite I bit. There are even a couple blogs about how I hate this route!

Don't forget to say the winning phrase..."Are you picking up strangers?"

Can't wait to have a winner! It's fun!

Monday, July 05, 2010


Today, the day after the 4th of July, is a reduced service day. I got a dreaded split shift...grrrrrrr!

Should make it a little easier to find me and win the prizes!! Both parts of my split are on the same route I had last week. Need a hint on which route that is? Ummmmm....One end of it has it's layover spot downtown Minneapolis. That's actually a pretty good hint....not many routes do that. Especially on reduced service days.

Well, I start my 12 hour day in about an hour. See if you can find me!
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