Monday, May 03, 2010


I get a lot of stupid questions from people. It's pretty much a daily thing. The most common one is "What time is the next....(route I'm not doing).....coming?" If I knew all the routes and what time each was going to be at any particular corner every hour of every day, just start calling me Rainwoman!

One guy cracked me up with his stupid question. The funny part is, he was serious!!

I was driving down Nicollet Mall. Keep in mind, the Twin Cities area has well over a million people and therefore, oodles of businesses. I opened the door and he asked me, "Where's the barber shop?" I asked him WHICH barber shop. He had no idea the name of it. To be honest, that probably wouldn't have helped me out anyway. I'm a girl. I go to Salons!

Trying to be helpful and not laugh at the guy, I asked if he knew the address or cross streets where the barber shop was. He had no idea. He said, "You know...the BARBER SHOP!" He actually seemed irritated that I didn't have any idea where this mysterious barber shop was. Worse yet, maybe I did and just wouldn't tell him!

There was really nothing I could do to help the guy. If I had been carrying a Yellow Pages, maybe I could. I'm just a bus driver! I apologized for not being able to help him and closed the door and went on my way.

Here's a tip - Find out where you are going BEFORE you leave the house! Don't depend on the bus driver...or anyone be able to figure out where you are going.


Blogger Madrias said...

Dunno why people assume everyone else is a mind-reader. I had someone ask me to fix their computer, but wouldn't say what was wrong, and assumed I knew at first glance.

7:49 PM  
Anonymous annamis said...

...and donĀ“t bring more luggage than you can carry by yourself!!

5:25 AM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Madrias - only way I know how to fix a computer is to turn it on if it is off...anything else is beyond me!

Annamis - or groceries...amazes me how many people have me wait while they load umpteen bags into the bus. I always wonder how they get it home from the bus stop when no one meets them!

5:37 PM  
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