Sunday, April 18, 2010


I had a really fun guy on my 23 route recently. He's hilarious. He has a cane and walks with a limp and is quick to tell you he had a very bad car accident. He had such severe brain damage that the Doctors said he would never walk or talk again. Boy, were they wrong! I was joking back and forth with him and I said something kind of silly. He looked at me and said "I have brain damage, I'm not STUPID!" and started laughing.

He told me a story...hope I can get it right. He was at a press release where the governor was present. Afterward, he went to introduce a client of a colleague, one of the governors fellow alumni, to the governor. He decided to take this opportunity to address the governor himself. He told the governor he should make an appointment with his doctor... a proctologist who could help him get his head out of his ass!

This guy cracks me up!

Another thing I liked about him...he's a mentor. He mentors a young man who was flunking out of school, was kicked out of the local park and had many social issues. After mentoring the kid for a year and a half, this kid is getting all A's in school and was voted most helpful by the park board! Just goes to show what one person can do to help all of society. Despite his own handicap and brain damage, this guy helped turn around a kid that was headed to jail or the grave.

Makes me think I should be doing about you?


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