Sunday, May 16, 2010


I had this clown on my bus the other day. No, really...he's a clown. He walks up and down Nicollet Mall in his clown costume and entertains people. He makes balloon animals and everything. I'd seen him many times. I just didn't recognize him when he got on my bus because he was not in his costume. He asked me if I had ever seen the clown on the mall and when I told him I had he let me know it was him. He gave me his business card.

It's good to see someone trying to make a legit dollar. There are so many people with their hands out these days it gets irritating. I know the economy sucks, but take a lesson from this guy. He got himself a clown costume, learned how to make balloon animals and do card tricks and put himself to work...for himself!

I know if I see him on the Mall, I plan to have him make me a balloon animal or do a card trick so I can give him some money and let him know he is appreciated. If you see him and you are able to, give him a couple bucks. He deserves it!


Blogger becky said...

Wait, is that the super creepy clown guy? Or is he the only one? He creeps me out! Probably the whole clown thing... I watch him waiting for the 18 sometimes... keep 'im in my sights. :D

1:58 PM  

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