Saturday, September 13, 2008


The bus Roadeo is coming up this month and I can't wait. It is basically an obstacle course you drive the bus through. It is very challenging...that's why I love it. I'm hoping to do better than I did last year. I think I placed either 12th or 14th...I don't remember.

Practice day is September 22nd and I plan to be there. I want to run the course as many times as I can so I can get a good feel for it. Then competition runs for the next three days after practice day. All four of us girls from Hecklers Row are competing on Thursday the 25th from 11:30 AM - 2 PM. It is open to the public, though we don't usually have a lot of onlookers. The course is on the State Fairgrounds on Como just a few blocks west of Snelling. Those of you that are local or are visiting the Twin Cities are welcome to come check out our skills!

Wish me luck!


Anonymous purse holder said...

wish i could be there to heckel you ladies. GOOD LUCK red!!! we will be having a rodeo in the spring . So the other drivers have a chance to go here to. But i think i will make it and be able to see you all in summer down south.

9:04 PM  
Blogger gabbespal said...

So the roadeo was held. Red did not do too bad. She might say differently. It was all in fun. By the way, I won for our garage and took 6th over all. Not bad for a princess. I told Red that she could keep her tiara though, because it is a little I would not have won if our good friend Daryl was there. He took second in Bemidji. He fell and broke his hip.

So can not wait to see all in Albert Lea.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At present I remain anonymous....for lack of knowledge on how to "log on" correctly....I will inquire of gabbespal for help.

I too participated in the roadeo on Thursday, don't know how I did yet though. I DO know that I blew it on the very beginning of the course....nothing like running over a cone and catching it on the air hose and it disconnects from the air tank!

Big loud pppssssssssssssssssssssss! sound. Then the alarm goes off inside the bus for low air pressure....... Hey......I didn't want air brakes anyway now did I? I mean who needs them right?

So one of the judges comes running over and says "put your parking brake on"...he's going under the bus.

So he slides under the bus and dislodges the stuck cone and reconnects the air hose to the air tank. I'm thinking to myself....this is NOT how I was hoping this would go.

He informs me I can continue on once the air pressure builds back up to 90psi........

So........I wait........not long, but this little ordeal has thrown me into a real tizzy and I'm WAY more nervous than I was before.

I put the bus in gear and start to go.....and I blow right past the the 2 reverse obstacles. Too upset to even bother with them and automatically lose 100pts.....(oh well, there's always next yr right?)

Completed the rest of the course quite well I was told.....didn't touch any of the barrels when I whipped through them and got a lot closer to the final cone at the judgement call stop than I did LAST year. (Last yr I was 3 ft away) this yr I know I was within inches.

I was so distraught over my performance at the beginning though that guessed it...I shed a few tears.....and gabbespal let me cry on her shoulder. I'm glad we are all there for eachother, we can give eachother shit and we can be compassionate when needed too.....somehow, someway, before NEXT yr.....I'm going to learn how to back that 40' beast up between those lovely little orange cones...without knocking them over!

So I can join the ranks of Red and Gabbespal towards the TOP of the list instead of somewhere in the lower half (I really want to kick both their butts but, sshhhh...don't tell THEM that!)

Look forward as seeing ALL of you in ALBERT LEA!!!!!!!!!

PARTY!!!!!!!!!! By the way.....Thankyou Purseholder!

8:34 AM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

I AM NOT RED !!!!! Red is a person that leaves comments, usually political ones. I am Jeanne...the Roadeo Princess...even though I SUCKED this year!

Gab - yea, you bite. I'll beat ya next year!

Anon - I know who you are!! Look at the bright side...we both made it easier for us to improve on our scores next year!

Purse - even if you don't compete, you are expected to show up in Albert Lea...just so you know!

8:31 PM  

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