Monday, September 08, 2008


There's a guy that rides the bus all the time. He's usually on the 18 or the 21. He "dresses up" all the time and usually wears red dress shoes. He reminds me of a throwback from Moby Dicks (the worst bar on Hennepin Avenue downtown back in the day). His outfits usually have a hint of a used-to-pimp-wish-I-still-could feel to them.

This guy got on my 21 last week. He had on a pin-striped suit with both matching jacket and pants. He left his pimpin' red shoes at home and chose a pair of dark dress shoes that day. He sat in the front side-facing seat on the passenger side and made conversation with some females. He likes to try and use big words that aren't appropriate for what he is trying to say. It's actually pretty funny when you insert the REAL meaning of the big word he is unsuccessfully attempting to use and you get a whole new meaning to his sentence. Comedy is everywhere!

As this guy made nonsense conversation with the females around him, one lady across the aisle from him made quite an observation and shared it..very loudly...with the rest of us. "That's a WOMAN'S suit !" There was about 2 seconds of silence followed by laughter from about 2-3 of the females. Everyone in the immediate area checked out the guys suit and some explained to him that the side the buttons are on proved it was, indeed, a woman's suit. He tried to hide any embarrassment by claiming he had it custom made for him by some clothing store we just happened to be driving by at that very moment. It was such a poor attempt to camouflage the fact that he probably got the suit at the Salvation Army or something that it was actually funny.

The people on the bus carried it on...and on...and on. One lady kept saying how she never would have noticed. Another said she noticed but never would have SAID anything out loud. They all laughed about the situation for blocks.

I'm sure I'll be seeing this guy again. Can't wait to see what he has on!


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