Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was chatting with a passenger the other day and she reminded me of a dilemma I had a while back. It was kind of funny, actually.

I had a guy on the bus gabbing away with me. He was telling me how he thought bus drivers should be tipped since the cabbies get tipped. I told him that was ridiculous, but I would be all for it! We joked as he told me that he tipped a bus driver before. He said the driver was very personable and he truly enjoyed his ride so he tipped the driver. The driver was shocked, to say the least. I told him the driver probably didn't know what to do. That situation isn't covered in our handbook.

As the guy was getting off the bus he said "Have a great day" and tossed a dollar in my lap as he hurried out the door, laughing.

What should I do? Do I put it in my pocket? Do I put it in the farebox? Was I being tested? I called the Control Center and told them of my dilemma. They actually had to put me on hold while they checked into how it should be handled. I laughed to myself as I waited for their answer. I'm sure this isn't a common problem.

Finally, they got back on the line and told me if I wasn't uncomfortable accepting a tip that I was welcome to keep it. Uncomfortable? Accepting money? Who? ME??!!?? I am a female and I love to shop...I COMFORTABLY accepted this donation!

I look forward to giving this guy a ride again!


Anonymous PURSE HOLDER said...

well we all you you women like to take tips.. But i would of asked for more and gave you like a 20 dollar bill. But you can't do that on the bus... lol lol, Maybe i can give you a 20 in albert lea.. :) ;) (o)(o) see you there please tell the other girls i said hi. And i tried to find some of you 4 at the state fair. I waited at the bus stop at the fair grounds looking for you 4 but saw NO ONE :( talk to you later luv ya all

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a tip:

Always carry an umbrella.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Purse Holder,
I'm not working the fair...but I plan to go tomorrow (Sunday). I'm going to take the bus from the U of's the only way to go. No parking hassles. Free parking and a free ride that drops you off across from the gate. Best bus to the fair 'cuz the other ones have traffic to deal with. The U has its own transit road. It's great! Surprised to hear you were at the fair...I thought you were from some far away town. Premature alzheimers...what can I say!
I'm not sure what that comment about giving me $20 means...but I have a guess... I'm guessing you have me confused with another member of Hecklers Row...U know who I mean!

Anonymous, rain is good for your hair...let it rain! ;)

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Taking a tip is illegal for a public employee.

You have been a bad girl.



4:46 AM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

J - I'm not like a cop or firefighter...I'm just a bus driver. I guess I will believe u when I see that in official writing somewhere. I would think if that were true, the control center would be aware of it. They were stumped, like me. It's not a common time in eight years. I'd have to check into the legality of it...I really don't know.

Thanks for your comment!

12:40 PM  

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