Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I was driving the 18 recently. As I sat and had people getting on and off at Lake street and Nicollet, this drunk American Indian guy staggers toward my bus. It was rush hour and I was not in the mood for this.

He somehow managed to fall up the stairs as he loudly spouted off something about "Fuckin' Niggers..." Now, I HATE the "n" word and wasn't about to allow this fool to use it on my bus. I sternly told him to watch his language and that that language would not be allowed on my bus. As I spoke to ...well, basically myself, I noticed that the dollar he was attempting to put in the bill slot was covered in dried blood. So was his hand, and as I looked closer I noticed the light blue hoodie that he was wearing had bloody finger marks on it. It was like he put his hand on the top of his head and dragged his bloody fingers down the side of the hoodie. He obviously didn't have the rest of the $2 fare. He reached as deep as he could into his pocket and threw in another 7 cents. Then he asked for a transfer. If you have been paying attention to my blogs at all...that's normally not gonna happen. No transfer without the full fare...especially with about half a fare during rush hour as you spew racist crap out of your mouth.

I had other people wanting to board as I called for the cops. The loser stood right there and heard me call them. I popped up the transfer just to get him away from me and the door so I could keep things moving. As I was on the phone and the guy went to the back of the bus, 2 ladies got on. Each had two small children. I told them to stay toward the front of the bus and keep the kids away from the back. Then I noticed a bus driver trying to cross the street. He wanted to get on my bus to go the 2 blocks to the garage. I waited. This particular driver is a very big guy. If he wasn't such a teddy bear, he could look quite intimidating. I told him about the guy on the bus, joking that he should kick him off for me.

Suddenly, this skinny little guy with panic in his eyes comes running from the back of the bus. He said the bloody loser had pulled a corkscrew out of this sleeve and was swinging it at people. I looked and it looked like the guy was shadow boxing...with an invisible opponent. I upgraded the police call to a priority call even though I personally didn't see the weapon. Looking at the skinny guys' face, I believed him.

The drunk, bloody racist left out the back door before the cops got there. No one was injured and life went on as though nothing had happened. We never get to hear the end of the story, so I can't share it with you. I'm sure they caught him...he was taking one step forward and two steps back, so I'm sure he didn't get far. I am more curious as to where his victim was and if he/she was alright. He had far more blood on him than the tiny cuts on his hand would have caused.

Hopefully, all is well.


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