Sunday, March 30, 2008


I gave a drivers' vacation on the 2 route during spring break at the U of M. I wonder if he/she knew they took a vacation the easiest week on this route. I appreciated it!

All was going well the entire week. I didn't see the little boy I had a while ago that was such a character that I asked him if he was up for adoption... I told him that I could use the tax write-off. He was such a little ball of energy and curiosity that he lit up the bus. I was a little disappointed that he wasn't around that week but I had a lot of other fun people. All week was almost relaxing and enjoyable.

Then friday came. The shit hit the fan. First, some kid got on and pulled the old transfer-in-the -bill-slot trick. I told him that wasn't the first time that game had been played and he'd have to pay a fare. He cussed and said he wanted a new transfer. I told him to watch his language. I explained that he put it in there, not me, and he would not be getting another transfer for one that was probably no good anyway. Since I REALLY couldn't be positive that the transfer was no good (even though I heard SOMEONE prior to boarding asking the others at the bus stop for a transfer or some money) I told him to just have a seat. He and his buddy ( who did pay) laughed all the way to the back of the bus and continued to use profanity.

I tried to ignore it but it really irritated me that they were laughing about getting away with this scam. I called the cops. They continued to be loud and ignorant. The cussing got loud again so I got on the microphone and told them to watch their language or they'd be off the bus very quickly. The teenage jerk said "Oh, do you really think so?" I said " Actually, I do. The cops are already on the way." They both got up and were going out the back door as the troublemaker said "Fuck you and your bus, bitch!" They started walking south on Chicago. Just then the transit cops pulled up on the wrong side of the street right next to where the brats were walking. I quickly pulled the brake and jumped out of my seat. I stood on the bus steps and pointed at the kids. The bad kid took off running, crossing Chicago. His buddy just kept walking straight ahead like nothing was going on. It had been snowing that morning and the cops used it to their advantage. They spun around like they were doing a backwards donut in the street and started chasing the little loser. I doubt he got far. His pants didn't fit. He had that baggy pants "style". You know, the one that came from prison. Lets you know who the "available" inmates are.

Those of us on the bus had a laugh at his expense. I said something about how a simple fare evasion just went to a fleeing an officer felony. Seeing that kids attitude, he probably already has a juvenile record. I'm sure his momma is (NOT) proud.

I called the control center back and explained the situation and suggested they pull the fare box to get the transfer out in case it was needed as evidence. The bummer of it is, I don't know what happened with the whole situation. The cops usually just handle it with as little involvement from the bus driver as necessary. Otherwise, we'd be in court more than we are in the bus.

Later that day, a couple teenage boys got on at the light rail station. I heard a metallic "clunk" and looked to see one kid with a VERY guilty look on his face shoving something metal up his sleeve. I looked at him like he was crazy and said "You can't bring weapons on the bus." He said it wasn't a weapon. I wasn't sure exactly what it was so I took a guess and said "You just shoved a box cutter up your sleeve. What do you call it?" He pulled out what looked like about a 6 inch letter opener with no handle and said "Sorry, I'll throw it out." He put it in my garbage can. I thanked him and he had a seat. Not a real bad kid. Probably just one of those kids that carries something for protection and ends up killing someone. Not on my bus. People said I should be careful confronting these kids. What else can I do? Let him on with a weapon when I knew he had one? What if he used it on someone one the bus? It's on camera that I saw it. I can't just not do anything. I guess I could have pretended I didn't see it or just let him sit down and push the silent alarm. That would have been a lot of drama for nothing.

Besides, like I always say...God doesn't want me yet!


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