Saturday, March 08, 2008


I was waiting at the Uptown Station to relieve the other driver and start my day one day last week. I noticed a guy that was having quite a fun conversation...all by himself. I assumed he was on a cell phone and really didn't pay him much attention.

Eventually, he became so animated he was nearly impossible to ignore. Then I noticed it...nothing!!! No wire going to his ear. No beetle looking phone plugged into his ear. Nothing. He had no phone. I became almost obsessed with finding a wire or something to show he was on a phone with SOMEONE. He couldn't possibly be THAT crazy. He was.

Then it hit me. How many people on their cell phones really aren't talking to anyone at all?? Do they even have a battery in it? Do they even subscribe to a service or have any "minutes" left? Are they really talking to themselves??!!?? Maybe they are and it's all just a cover. Hmmmmm...


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