Sunday, February 17, 2008


I was driving the 23 route and pulled into the light rail station. There was a spanish speaking guy that hurried onto the bus to tell me he lost his wallet on the train. I tried to explain to him that they won't stop the train to find it, but they will check for lost and found at the end of the line. I called the Control Center and explained the situation and they said they'd contact the train and let them know to look for the wallet.

A lady on the bus was telling the poor guy how it was stupid to have his credit cards in his wallet. I was thinking...where else do you carry them? I gave the guy the number to lost and found, feeling it was pretty much a sure bet that someone else would find his wallet and take it before the train made it all the way downtown. I told him he may want to contact his credit card companies and let them know what happened in case someone else found his wallet before we did. He thanked me for being so helpful. I saw he was carrying flowers (it was Valentines Day) so I thought I'd lighten the mood and said "Well, you got the flowers! At least you won't be in trouble when you get home." He laughed and thanked me again before he got off the bus.

I was pleasantly SHOCKED when the Control Center called a few minutes later asking if the guy was still on the bus. I told them he wasn't. He said they had found the wallet. I couldn't believe it. I was so happy. He was such a nice guy. Good things happen to good people.


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