Sunday, February 17, 2008


I was driving the route 23 one day last week. I had a guy get on that was on my bus earlier the same day. He said "Hey, you're the same driver!" I said "Yes, I know. They told me to keep an eye on you so I'm following you." He laughed and sat and talked for a while. This route takes the scenic route to Uptown Station so he decided to get off at Lake street and walk up the two blocks in hopes of catching another bus.

After he got off, I realized that he hadn't taken his transfer. I had popped one up and he sat down so I assumed he didn't need one. I threw it out.

It was my last trip so I was pulling up to the Hennepin avenue side of the Uptown Station. I saw the guy across the street in the shelter. I popped up another transfer and went to give it to him. His back was towards me as I walked in the door. I walked up behind him and said " I told you I was following you." He turned around and looked confused. It was hilarious. I handed him the transfer and told him he forgot to take one when he had gotten on my bus. He said he realized that about a block after he got off and thanked me about three or four times for bringing him one.

I'm not sure if I made his day or if he made mine!


Anonymous M A said...

You made my day,dear !


6:35 AM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

I see you really DID check out my site. Glad you could stop by...hope to see you again soon. If not here, I'm sure I'll see you on the bus!

12:21 PM  
Anonymous elianara said...

You are such a nice driver!

3:12 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

What can I say...I try. Actually, random acts of kindness are fun. They make MY day! Try's guaranteed to make you feel good inside!

6:07 PM  

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