Sunday, December 09, 2007


I just love German Shepards. They are the smartest dogs. I had a blind guy get on my bus last week with his dog. The first day was strange. Out of the blue, the dog started whining and kind of bucking up like a horse. Obviously, the dog was very upset. The guy and his dog got off at the end of the line and were met by someone in a car. The next day they got on again. This time they got off about a mile before the end of the line. The dog was calm and stood without a command about half a block before they got off. This just happened to be the same place the dog freaked out the day before. I said to the guy "No wonder your dog went nuts yesterday. You changed your routine without telling him!" The guy laughed as he exited the bus.

It reminded me of the German Shepard that whined every day on this one route. We had a long-lasting detour that messed with the dogs' head every day!


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