Saturday, December 01, 2007


Had fun the other day on the bus. This guy about 30-something years old got on. He was so excited it was infectious. He had just come from Menards and found the "coolest" gift for his mother. He couldn't wait to show it to someone...and I was the only one there. (He was the first guy on the bus that trip).

He took this thing out of the bag and turned it on and set it on the big wheel well area by the front door of my Hybrid bus. It was Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. He was sitting in a rocking chair reading a Christmas story. His big head was swinging back and forth which in turn kept the rocking chair rocking. It was cute.

We got to talking about Christmas and who I could buy one of those Rocking Tiggers for. I told the guy that my family isn't exchanging gifts this Christmas. We are fortunate enough not to be in need of anything. We decided instead of exchanging stuff none of really NEEDED we were just going to buy for the little kids and take the money we would have wasted on each other and send it to a family my mom met on a recent trip to Africa. This family is dirt poor. They make the sign people on the street corners here look rich. One little boy in this family was so happy when my mom gave him a package of pencils, she just couldn't believe it. Seems they get one pencil per school year and his was almost gone. What a thing for a little kid to have to stress over! Anyway, this guy on the bus was moved by the story and my family and handed me a dollar. He said he wanted to contribute to "the cause". I felt a little foolish and told him that he didn't need to do that. He said he really wanted to and insisted I take the dollar. I did and I told him it would go a long way in Africa. I thanked him on behalf of the African family and wished him a Merry Christmas as he got off the bus.

There is nothing anyone could give me this Christmas that would make me feel better than the feeling of selflessness and fulfillment that I feel by helping this other family so far away and so much in need. THAT is the true spirit of Christmas!


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