Sunday, September 30, 2007


There's a lady that got on my 21 about a week ago. She has twin little girls that are adorable. She keeps them on kid-leashes and they always seem to be wearing their teddy bear backpacks. The girls are "almost 4" years old.

This particular day, one of the girls seemed to be on a mission to irritate her mother and knew just how to do it. Out of the blue, she said to her mom "I'm a young lady." Her mom said "Actually, you're a little girl." Again, the girl said "I'm a young lady." This really seemed to bother her mom and it seemed the little girl knew it and was enjoying it. The mom said "No, you're a little girl. When you get a little older you will be a young lady." There was about two minutes of silence and like a comedian right on cue, the little girl said "I'm a young lady!"

A message to the mom...chose your battles!! Thanks for the entertainment, though!


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